“Hello! I’m Frecelynne and he is Randy. We are a dynamic married couple from Manila, Philippines, who plan to travel the world one weekend at a time.”

Figuratively, two worlds apart as they share different taste of adventures…

Dee is a mountain guy. He likes trekking and hiking. For few years now, he has gone to few local summits. On the other hand, Abby is a beach girl. She likes to dip on salty water even if she can’t swim.

Their differences on adventure preference did not, in any way, hinder them to travel together. Instead, this has made them realize that there is more to life than staying on comfort zones.

The two are also self-confessed budget traveler who don’t want to compromise comfort and style. They wanted to prove how it’s absolutely possible to explore local and foreign places without ripping of your pockets.

If you can’t leave your cubicle job and just want to be away for a few days, then you are on the right page.

We want to inspire you.

We will influence you on how to afford-ably travel in comfort.

We will share our travel organization skills  by meticulously writing itineraries, destination guidelines, budgets plan and more.