Corregidor Island: A historical weekend getaway

When one talks about Corregidor Island, the violent war memories are the first thing that comes into our mind. Well, blame it to our Philippine history classes. Dubbed as the Island of Valor Peace and International Understanding, Corregidor offers a rich historic past and a beautiful tropical land area. The only reason why I have… Continue reading Corregidor Island: A historical weekend getaway


HOMEY AND CLASSY: ‘Staycation’ picks in Metro Manila

As a child, I always get excited when school year ends because this mean we'll be going out of town very soon. I can already imagine the beach, palm trees, sand, sea and sun. That's my traditional summer vacation. But when the 2nd millennium came, the idea of "vacation" was somehow transformed. Now, one can… Continue reading HOMEY AND CLASSY: ‘Staycation’ picks in Metro Manila

7 destinations you should not miss in Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok can be a little overwhelming especially if it’s your first time here more so if it’s your first time abroad. As the city improves their tourism, the things that you can do in the area expands too! They have many things to offer to tourists like us. And I know, just like us, you… Continue reading 7 destinations you should not miss in Bangkok, Thailand

A DIY Cebu City Day Tour: Sirao flower farm, Temple of Leah & Tops Skyline Garden

What to do if you have a day spare in your Cebu tour? Head to the mountainous side of Cebu city with a habal-habal ride and explore Sirao flower farm, visit Temple of Leah and chill at Tops Skyline Garden.   WHERE TO START? The easiest and most common start point is from JY Square… Continue reading A DIY Cebu City Day Tour: Sirao flower farm, Temple of Leah & Tops Skyline Garden

Hotel Review: M Citi Suites

Known as the oldest city in Philippines, Cebu city is now classified as a first class highly urbanized city from the South. It’s a hub of many international companies from industries like BPO, IT, Advertising, Communication and more. Despite being a bustling metropolis, it has still preserved its historical character. No wonder this is a… Continue reading Hotel Review: M Citi Suites

Hotel Review: Currents by Astoria

Some says it’s not an ideal destination if you want a total relaxation as it gets really crowded regardless of the season. But then, your vacation will really depend on how you spend it and who you are spending it with. In our case, we spent it in one of the newest boutique hotels in… Continue reading Hotel Review: Currents by Astoria

Up to Mt. Ulap

With just a few kilometers away from Baguio city proper, Mt. Ulap is becoming a popular destination ever since it opened to public last 2015. This place is known for its scenic view of the Cordillera mountain ranges while hiking the pine tree ridges. OUR EXPERIENCE   Its 9KM eco trail has 3 peaks: Ambanaoy… Continue reading Up to Mt. Ulap

Hiking 101: Guide for your first hike

With over 7,000 mountainous islands in the Philippines, hiker-wannabe like us has a lot of choices to choose from! But then again, are we ready? Hiking can be a little intimidating outdoor activity. But with right preparation, you can ace your first hiking too! Let me share how can you prepare and enjoy your first.… Continue reading Hiking 101: Guide for your first hike

JM Dormitel: Affordable night in Baguio

It's not new that Baguio is a must-visit place in Luzon. With lots to offer like picturesque landscapes, countless local and homegrown restaurants, cafes & bars, temperature that's not exceeding 26 degrees celsius, delectable street foods, cheap vegetables, friendly locals and more; it's no wonder that it was dubbed as "Summer Capital of the Philippines".… Continue reading JM Dormitel: Affordable night in Baguio

A night in Cebu city’s luxury business hotel: Marco Polo Cebu Hotel

Mid-last year when my husband, Dee and I went to Cebu for my birthday celebration! I wanted to treat myself a bit so we agreed to stay in one of the five-star hotels in Cebu. Being a metropolitan, Cebu city has many luxury hotel options. And with the variety of choices, I thought we won’t… Continue reading A night in Cebu city’s luxury business hotel: Marco Polo Cebu Hotel