Baan Luang Haarn: A cute little hotel in Ayutthaya, Thailand

There’s a cute little resort in the middle of Thailand’s old capital – Ayutthaya. Like me, I know you’ll also feel that love at first sight thing once you see this in picture. So, what more in real life!


For a night, we have been a guest at Baan Luang Harn. We arrived around two in the afternoon.

It was indeed a love at first sight! I never felt this “kilig” in any resort that I’ve been to! The blue and white combination of cottages is so perfect for me. They may not boast facilities like pool and gym but they definitely has a lot of spots for picture taking!

Anyway, the manager warmly welcomed us. Unlike other local Thais, he can speak in English. He gave us a map and briefly introduced the “Wats” (or temples, in our vocabulary), markets and few landmarks that will be helpful for tourists like us. Then he, accompanied us to our room and showed us how to use the keys.
The room size is just right for two people. It’s small compare to other hotels that we’ve been to but it’s the coziest!

Outside the room
You’ll have your own balcony with 2 reclined chairs. This is perfect for people who wanted to relax just by looking at their tropical garden and pond.
Two hand fan, umbrella and lotion in sachet are also available, just in case you’ll need it.

Inside the room
Matrimonial Bed
Air-Conditioning unit
Refrigerator with complimentary water
Cabinet with hangers
Flat TV – (in satellite cable) *This is pretty useless to us because the channels are all in Thai and we can’t understand anything!

Hot and Cold shower
Soap and shampoo in dispenser

Free WiFi access
Free buffet breakfast
*Considering the rate of this hotel, it’s two thumbs up for the breakfast!
Bicycle rental (50 Thai Baht / day)



1400 Thai Baht / Night
*We booked thru Booking.Com and we got the room for just 1200 Thai Baht.


They are honoring three booking site:


  • They are few meters away from the Wats and other sites so you can just rent a bike from them to tour the clustered temples.
  • They’re also near the night market, where you can buy Thai delicasies.
  • They’re near Amphorn too, a small mall in the city.
  • The manager will drop you off to the terminal station after you checked out.

Unpleasant experience

Disclaimer: This experience has nothing to do with our stay in the hotel and occurred right outside their property. I was bitten by a Soi Dog (Street Dog) just a few steps away from the hotel’s gate! The owner was kind enough to accompany us to the hospital. We went to Rajthanee hospital. It’s a private hospital yet nurses can’t speak in English. The cost of anti-rabies vaccine is more than 6,000 Thai Baht and I only have around 5,000 Thai Baht left and other bills are in dollar. So, we have to transfer to another hospital, which I assume is a public hospital – Ayutthaya Hospital. Anti-Rabies vaccine is cheaper here – 460 Thai Baht and I also got free anti biotics that I need to take for 10 days. You know how the process in public hospitals on Asian countries works, right? This means longer lines, more patients, non aircon facilities and so on. But, what we have endured here is nothing compare to the public hospital in Philippines. The owner, Totti, acted as my translator. And I could not imagine myself in that situation without his help. He is very patient as we silently waited for our turn – to talk to the doctor, to buy medicine, to have me injected and to get the medical certificate (which is by the way written in Thai too!). As he brought us back to the hotel, his wife – Jane also talked to us. She explained to me in details that I need to have 4 more shots. (If you have been bitten by a dog/cat before, you’ll know what I mean). They also offered to get us something to eat but we declined. We are awake for more than 24 hrs that time. So we badly need a rest over dinner.

We will always be grateful to them as they have been very helpful! They have done something more than what is expected from any hotel management. I love the extra mile they provided to us.


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